Cheapest macbook repair in  Orlem Malad West Mumbai

The customer authorizes MSC the repair of his device and the replacement of parts upon submission for repair.

MSC do not accept IPhones that are damaged due to liquid spill.

MSC do not accept IPhones that have been given to other service centers and had failed repair. If a customer has still sent their device for repair even though it is was given to another service center prior and had failed repair, diagnosis charges will apply even if the device has not been repaired. The repair work that was done previously is easily visible by our tech staff and diagnostic charges will apply and the device will be returned to you.

Customer is responsible for making  a backup of his data. In the event of loss of Data, MSC is not responsible for Data loss arising due to repair.

Customer Credentials and other details is collected for the repair of the device.  It is the sole responsibility of the customer to change his credentials upon receipt of the device.

The device is not authorized to be opened outside service repair area.

During diagnosis of devices, LSC will is obliged to provide a quotation to customer based on part availbility at part center. The part numbers of parts availed during diagnosis which include, HDD, Disk, Motherboard, speakers, keyboards, camera, touchpad and other laptop parts are not disclosed to customer since this is proprietary information collected during repairs and services.

If this form is filled prior to inspection, the amount will be only be treated as an approximate figure and prices may vary after inspection.

Logic Board  and motherboards damage due to surge are not covered under warranty.

Repairs made to Macbooks caused due to liquid spill will incur different charges.

Part components will be repaired during Part repair. Parts Include Logic Board, Screen, IC's, Circuitry Repair. 

There is no warranty for any software installations. Software is prone to Virus attacks as well as hardware failure and thus bears not warranty. 

MSC does not cover issues related spike or surge issues whether during or after warranty periods.

This form is best filled by an MSC Technician to ensure accuracy of approximate Pricing.

Communication with LSC staff have to be respectful and polite at all times. If an LSC staff is spoken to disrespectfully, LSC reserves the right to deny  and discontinue all forms of service, warranties and all existing business with the customer.

Fixed diagnosis amount

Windows laptops & desktops – 500 rs

Mobiles, Tablets – 500 rs

Macbooks and iMacs 2012 and below – 5500 rs

Macbooks and iMacs 2013 and above – 7500 rs

Screen Diagnosis – 1000 rs 

Data Recovery Diagnosis – 500 rs

All in One pcs Diagnosis – 1500 rs 

Laptop with Graphic card Diagnostics - 1500 rs

Warranty Periods

Keyboard Riveted – 1 month

Keyboard Non Riveted – 2 months

Hard disk – 1 year

Laptop battery and charger – 6 months  

Repairs on Hand held devices don’t carry warranty

Hinge repairs do not carry warranty

Remote support process:


Remote support will be provided through the same process.

Step 1. Diagnostics fees will be transacted 500rs.

Step 2. Remote connection will be established to client computer.

Step 3. The computer fault will be diagnosed and the report will be provided to customers.

Step 4. Quotation will also be given to customer for the fixing the system.

Step 5. After quotation is approved by customer, the customer will transact the repair amount.

Step 6. The repair is then completed.


Note: There will be instances where the device is not able to be fixed. In that case the customer will need to bring the device over to the store.

*If customer has previously taken their device to another service center and has misinformed MSC that they have not, then customer is liable to pay full diagnostic fees of 3000 rs*

Laptop and Mobile once approved, cannot be reversed, customer will need to process the payment to collect their laptop.

Amounts paid towards service or product cannot be refunded once purchased.

Data Recovery services and Backup

Backup is defined as a data that can be accessed from a computer by the client in standard environment like a computer or within an enclosure. in Backup , client is given a chance to choose what data he needs and what he doesn't need.

Recovery is defined as data that is unable to be accessed by a client whether in a computer or outside of it or in casing, since the environment it is in has failed eg failed hdd casing, failed or dead computer or hdd extracted from computer.

In recovery, since disk is in accessible by client, data recovery is charged as per total size of flat file content of client


In case a laptop has been brought in for warranty of one month and the case of failure is because of power surge on the board, drop damage or liquid damage, then warranty will be void and a diagnosis fee of 1500 will be applied.

In case a customer has not paid full amount for the repair for some reason, no warranty will be given on the repairs. 

In regards to phones and tablets only checking warranty applies.

Backup and recovery costs Costs

Below 10 GB - 1250rs

Standard backup/ Recovery costs 5500rs - Maximum of 200 GB 

Standard backup/ Recovery costs 10,000rs - Maximum of 500 GB 

Advanced Recovery 18,000 data which needs to recovered which is in encryption state upto a maximum of 1000 GB

In case of customer failure to pay post one week from completion of repair and intimation to client, MSC has no choice but to sell the device as whole or parts to recover from the loss of cost of repair.

All Payments are to be made through card swipe machine or Bank Transfer which include diagnostic charges and total payments. MSC is not accepting  cash and Cheques payments.

Customer cannot take MSC to court for disputes on repairs and components. 

MSC Repair Terms and conditions are constantly being reviewed and modified to protect the rights and integrity of both MSC and customer.

Prize Wheel:

1.Moisture Prevention Kit: Prize Value: 200rs

It protects your device from moisture damage. For 70% protection place moisture prevention kit in your laptop bag. For 99% protection place the moisture prevention kit in a sealed air tight container with the laptop.

2.Buy 1get 1 Free*: Prize Value: 1850rs

This applies for hardware service only. This offer covers the cost of dust removal on taking the service of thermal repair.

3.Screen Polish Bottle: Prize Value: 350rs

This polish its non-abrasive. It can be used for polishing screen and laptop body as well. Please do not use it on keyboard area.

4.500 Rs OFF **: 

You can avail this offer on your next service bill. This offer is valid for 1 month from your bill date. One voucher is valid for one device only. This does not cover device diagnostics fees.

5.Screen Polishing: Prize Value: 200rs

This is a service we provide. This polish is non-abrasive. In this service we polish the upper body and the screen of your laptop. 

The above  Terms and conditions of sale  are subject to change by the seller without notice. The current terms and conditions will apply at the should there be any reason for conflict.

MSC stands for Mobile Service Center

LSC stands for Laptop Service Center

seller: the word seller in the above context refers to LSC and MSC


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