All repaired devices can be collected within the time frame of 10 am to 12:30 pm and then 2 pm to 8:30 pm on business days from Monday thru Saturday.

Crop, resize and tweak images

Preview is one one of the most under-appreciated apps on an Apple Mac; especially in later versions of OS X, it became hugely powerful, and even for us at Mobile Service Center Mumbai, it does much of what we'd traditionally use a more elaborate and expensive application such as Photoshop for. Do yourself a favor: open an image in Preview and poke around the app's menus and interface to see what it can do.

For example, you can crop your image. Draw a selection with the regular Rectangular Selection tool then either hit Command+K or choose Crop from the Tools menu. Alternatively, show the Edit Toolbar and make a more complex selection either with the Instant Alpha tool (like in iWork) or use the Smart Lasso.

With this tool, you draw as carefully as you can around the outline of the object and then Preview works out as closely as it can where the edges are. In either case, cropping will, if the image isn't already a PNG, convert it so that you can have the thing you're cutting out on a transparent background. (You might need the Invert Selection command, too!)

You can also resize images, and even do some tweaks to the colours with the Adjust Color pop-up. Select Adjust Color… from the Tools menu, and you get some handy sliders and a histogram to help you tweak things. Plus, hit the backtick symbol (to the left of Z on a UK Apple Mac keyboard, and to the left of 1 on a Apple US Mac keyboard) to bring up a loupe so you can see what's happening at 100% as you make changes.

For More Apple Mac Tips and Tricks, you may visit our Tips and Tricks page.


There are several Service Centers to choose from, Apple Service Center Orlem Malad west Mumbai.  MobileService Center Mumbai is not an Authorized Service Center Orlem Malad west, by this we mean we do not cover repairs under warranty or repairs for parts that fall under the recall program. This also means that we can upgrade your computer with SSD drives and also perform repairs to your device instead of entire part replacements which will always work out at a more reasonable rate. Our Appointments are mostly full for a month to two months in advance, but we will always try our best to go out of our way to help you if we can. 

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